Hey guys, my name is Corrigan Duffy but I have gone by Corrie for years. I am a married man in my 30’s and I mainly stay at home with the kids, doing the shopping, cleaning, and yes, the cooking too.

Although I mainly work a domestic life I also (obviously) do a little work on the computer to help supplement our family’s income. Please see my disclosures page for more on how that happens if you care.

Over the years I have learned that cooking dinner is a point of stress in my life. I always loved cooking but back when I fell in love with it I didn’t have kids tugging on my legs throughout the process. These days it’s a chore. I still love good food but I have looked for ways to minimize it’s impact on my daily routine.

Like many domestics I have taken a liking to both slow cooking and pressure cooking. Lately pressure cooking has my heart because I like to shop mid day meaning slow cooking is usually too slow for me.

And that’s how and why this site was born. I am kind of a blogger and kind of an educator. I also use this site to index information on what I am actually doing in the kitchen.

In any event, if you’re one of the 11 people to read this page to the end let me thank you. You are officially a good person! 🙂

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